Why The Loaded Dervish Is Better Than Most Other Longboards

The Loaded Dervish is one of the best longboards on the market today. What you should take into consideration is that the Dervish is made by a brand who has put the time and effort into researching and testing what works and what doesn’t.

Loaded used a vert-lam bamboo core which is sandwiched between epoxy and tri-axle fiberglass. It is also pressed into a concave which gives the dervish a great responsiveness and liveliness that you just don’t find in other boards. You will also find a convex camber on the board which gives you a high energy potential. It also has cutouts that have been milled to¬†Best Skateboards For Beginner Adults precision which eliminates any type of wheel bite. One of the main benefits of the dervish would be its size. The size of the deck makes it a perfect all around board for most people. The length of the dervish runs about forty one and a half inches or one hundred and five centimeters. The width is eight and a half inches or twenty one centimeters which is a perfect width for most people.

The flex on the dervish comes in two different options. Flex one is for someone who weighs 170 to 230 lbs and flex two is made for a person that weighs 100 to 185 lbs. Depending on your weight and how stiff you would like your flex to be you have two options to choose from. What you want to keep in mind when deciding on a flex is that a softer flex will give you a lot more control along with tighter turns when you are going slower but you will usually lose stability at higher speeds. So if your plans for the board are just to wing around at super fast speeds you will want to go for the stiffer flex which gives you more energy potential and stability. So you have two things to keep in mind when choosing a flex. Number one your weight and number two what your plans are for the deck.

Speed or cruising….

If you plan on mainly using the board for cruising around town go for the softer flex. Are you looking to go super fast and bomb hills and such? Then definitely go with the stiffer flex. Also keep in mind that the stiffer flex is better for tricks like shovits, manuals, etc.

All of these factors collide and give the Loaded Dervish great agility, versatility, Best Penny Skateboard
stability and ease of ride. When doing sliding, pushing, or dancing you will find the stability is unparalleled. The agility that comes with the dervish allows you to take sharp turns with ease while cruising around town or hitting hills.

Plus the liveliness the deck possess just makes it a blast to ride….

Because of the quality and craftsmanship used to make this board you will find yourself riding it for years and years. Even if you end up getting other boards you’ll find yourself going back to the Loaded Dervish because of its versatility and ride.

Rob Owens has been passionate about All boardsports for most of his life. He loves to skateboard, snowboard and surf.

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