Why Sea of Thieves Ship Crews Only Support 4 Players

After a lengthy absence, Rare is back and nearing completion of its latest game called Sea of Thieves. This open world multiplayer title lets players live out their pirate fantasies by looking for treasure, sailing massive ships, and even engaging in hostile takeovers, getting blind drunk, or sword fighting. The recent beta was largely a success for the game, giving fans just a small taste of what’s to come when the experience launches in March. One of the biggest questions remaining about the game is whether or not the full retail version would have bigger crew sizes.

In a recent interview, Sea of Thieves lead designer Mike Chapman finally confirmed that the base game wouldn’t go beyond crew sizes of four. Chapman revealed that everything Rare has developed for the game has been carefully planned, even though players continue to request ships large enough for 8 or 10 man crews. The biggest element in determining crew size was communication, with the developer finding four to be the best number as anything larger resulted in players getting left behind or making planning much more difficult.

Sea of Thieves Beta Dates Announced - Sea of Thieves box art

Considering that Sea of Thieves is planned as a live experience, Rare certainly isn’t against changing this number in the future. The studio plans to monitor the situation and adjust things as needed after launch. In fact, the developers at Rare have already made one quick change to how crews work from the beta. Now, one person is able to sail a four-person galleon, and can even use the Make Friends emote to manually find a crew. Alternatively, the small one person sloop ship can now be sailed by a crew of four.

One of the bigger concerns to come out of the previous closed beta is the amount of content that would be available for players. While the beta featured great feedback relating to portraying a pirate and sailing around a beautifully rendered ocean, there wasn’t a ton for players to do outside of locating treasure and fighting weak skeleton AI enemies. Thankfully, it appears that the retail experience will be more robust thanks to datamined information, which reveals the existence of different animal types, potential ship customization options, new food and drink, as well as weapons and gear.

Sea of Thieves will release on March 20, 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Source: IGN

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