Twitch Plays Pokemon Goes Back to Red and Blue

While DrDisRespect may dominate the conversation when it comes to Twitch these days, the hottest craze on the streaming service in 2014 was undoubtedly TwitchPlaysPokemon. Now in recognition of TwitchPlaysPokemon’s anniversary, the channel is returning to its roots, allowing Twitch users to use chat commands to play through both Pokemon Red and Blue simultaneously.

This latest TwitchPlaysPokemon playthrough is looking to mix things up by allowing users to play through both games at once, and see which is finished first. As of the time of this writing, both streams are basically tied, with two gym badges collected so far and their starter Pokemon at level 30.

Not only will it be interesting to see if TwitchPlaysPokemon completes Pokemon Red or Blue first, but it will also be interesting to see just how long it takes for users to get through one of the games. The original TwitchPlaysPokemon took nearly 400 hours to complete, though with far less participants this time around, one has to imagine that the games will go by much quicker.

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Since the original TwitchPlaysPokemon, the channel has offered additional challenges. One of the most notable accomplishments of TwitchPlaysPokemon was when players managed to catch all 151 original Pokemon, an impressive feat even without the chaos of a Twitch chat controlling the game.

In the years since the original stream, TwitchPlaysPokemon players have managed to complete every mainline Pokemon game, and so there’s no doubt that streamers will be able to complete the originals yet again with enough perseverance. And if the TwitchPlaysPokemon channel manages to regain some of its popularity, perhaps we’ll even see the upcoming Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch tackled in the future.

Whether or not TwitchPlaysPokemon catches on like it did back in 2014 remains to be seen, but anyone with fond memories of the original stream may want to tune in before Pokemon Red and Blue are completed.

Pokemon Red and Blue are available now for Game Boy and Nintendo 3DS.

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