Spector Pro Keylogger Review

The Spector Pro Keylogger is an online software developed by SpectorSoft to handle monitoring and logging of activity on computers or on the internet. The software is capable of monitoring activity on not just regular desktops with various operating systems, but also on laptops at the home or office, and even netbooks. The software was awarded the Editor’s Choice award by technology experts and enthusiasts at PC Magazine.

The Spector Pro Keylogger is ideal for parents Keylogger desirous of keeping a close watch on children activity online and employers needing to monitor and control employee access and activity online. The software is user friendly and does not require the addition of any hardware to the computer in order for it to work.

Features of The Spector Pro Keylogger

The features of the Spector Pro Keylogger include:

  • Capturing of all key strokes, whether regular text or passwords
  • Dual side instant message and chat capture
  • Logs all emails read, sent and received using email platforms or web-based services
  • Logs all websites and the various pages visited on each website
  • Tracks all activity on social networking websites, including posts made, profiles visited, pictures uploaded and comments posted
  • Logs search engine activity for all search engines
  • Tracks program activity for all programs including games, music and videos
  • Set alerts for certain inappropriate key words commonly used in instant messaging
  • Set alerts for when certain websites are visited
  • Restrict chat with certain users online
  • Playback of logs in video
  • Remote access to logs from any computer
  • Ability to restrict user access
  • Ability to restrict access to certain websites

The pros and cons of Spector Pro Keylogger

Spector Pro Keylogger has the capability to group logs into categories. The interface is user friendly and not easily detectable. Not only does the software log sessions of activity on the computer, but it also logs sessions of inactivity. The Spector Pro Keylogger unfortunately does not offer clipboard interception and has a number of steps to complete prior to the actual installation of the product.

The developers of the product, SpectorSoft, have been in the computer monitoring software business for some time now and have been known for delivering quality products to the market. The product is on the pricier end of keylogger software on the market, but its features seem to compensate for the above average pricing.

Why should you use The Spector Pro Keylogger?

Anyone needing to be informed about the activity of users online or on their computers in general, whether at home or at the office can benefit from the services provided by the Spector Pro Keylogger. The keylogger can be used as a precautionary measure in the event something does take place that requires verification, but it can also be used to serve as a deterrent for misuse of property, especially in cases where individuals may be tempted to use company time and resources to loiter online or pass confidential company information and files over the internet.

It is definitely worth it to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to online monitoring.


Compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Xp
  • There is a special version version of this keylogger that also works on mac…

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