Should fisherman actually get nerfed? (Mineman essay)

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I was discussing fisher with @SirHuntPredator and asked him to make a thread like this but he was busy which is understandable so I decided to make it myself since I’m off school for a week. I also wanted some practice with my essay writing skills evaluating a subject but I didn’t want to do something boring or too controversial as I wanted feedback. So I decided with fisherman. If you want to please give feedback on my actual writing skills and on the topic of fisherman . (The way I do my essays is brief starter, 3 points for, 3 points against sometimes with counter evidence and a conclusion)

The suggested nerf of fisherman has been a controversial subject over the forums sparking many arguments over whether it should be nerfed or even potentially buffed some say. In this essay I will explore the reasons for keeping fisherman the same or even potentially buffing or nerfing it.

One reason I think fisherman should be left the alone is because of the weak damage of the weapon. Fisherman’s rod has the base damage of a fist with the additional sharp levels. Although it’s damage is displayed as 6.25 with the sharp levels in reality in a fight it does way less and if traded with a stone swords cries would easily lose. This bearing mind that the only item which is good in fisher is the rod, as all the armour can easily be found in chests, is shocking. This makes it necessary for you to rod combo otherwise you will lose the fight to a common weapon found in a chest. This argueably gives fisherman a higher skillcap.

Another reason that I think fisherman should be left alone is because the effectiveness of the weapon is largely dependant on the other players knockback for it to be effective. Any player which has a connection higher than 160 would have slightly delayed knockback making it harder to get them into a combo due to their unpredictable delay time as well as direction. Bearing in mind with the previous point that fisherman will most definitely always lose to a trade with a stone sword this makes it harder for fishermen to survive compared to a kit such as armourer for example which can pretty much trade hits and win. Not to mention kits with knockback weapons easily counter it due to them being able to prevent the fisherman from starting and maintaining a combo.

The last reason which I think fisherman should be left alone is because of the small number of players who have this kit unlocked and the even smaller number who play it consistently. By nerfing a kit which already doesn’t have many users it will make sure the kit remains “dead”. According to this thread fishermen only make up about 2.7% of the blitz population which is an extreamly low percentage. Furthermore I rarely see the users who bought it even use the kit. Even then the number of users who can use it to its full potential is drastically low. As far as I have seen @GlobalClutch is the only one who can use it to its full potential. You can evidently see this in the video “Blitz Survival Games – 4K wins and fisherman beyond op” at 4:10 and onwards. This evidence can be countered however as none of the players GlobalClutch fought looked that experienced.

However some may argue that fisherman is overpowered for various reasons such as the fact you don’t have to switch hotkeys while rodding and can rod midfight to ensure the combo continues. This could be argued that it makes fisher have a much lower skill cap as it’s easier to start combos and rod. This would potentially give fisher an edge over kits like pig which are designed to combo if not rival them.

Also due to the rod being fisherman’s main weapon it could cause the double damage glitch to be activated more easier than it should be which would be an unfair advantage against other players with different kits. This makes fisherman very powerful because of its potential higher damage output. This argument can be countered however because even with the fisherman’s double damage the rod does far less damage than a double damage crit shown by @SimplySquare where he 3 shot someone which I can’t seem to find (I’m sure he’ll he put it in the comments) so the bug won’t be that unfair to fisher as it is not as powerful as other weapons with double damage bugs.

Some might say that fisherman is still a kit waiting to be discovered like golem for example. When golem was released nobody paid that much attention to it because it didn’t look like anything special but after people realised how strong it was there was a sharp increase in golem Xs. This might be the same with a fisherman, a broken kit just waiting to be discovered. This argument can be countered as fisherman has been around for years and surely if it was broken it would have been discovered by now?

Despite the fact that some people may say that fisherman needs a nerf due to how easy it is to rod, the double damage bug being activated easier and it potentially is a broken kit just waiting to be discovered, I think that fisher should remain how it is or even potentially buffed because of the weak damage (the fact it will lose to a trade with a stone sword in terms of crits), the effectiveness I completely dependant on the other persons knockback and the low numbers of people who have fisher unlocked, the lower number of players who use it consistently and then the drastically lower number of players who know how to use it most effectively will make sure the kit remains a dead kit if nerfed.

If anyone actually reads this fully they deserve a medal


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