Pitbull Puppy Training – Simple Tips For Creating the Perfect Family Pet

For the longest time I put off Pitbull puppy training. I don’t know, maybe I thought that “Rocco”, our Pitbull puppy, would train himself. At first I was clueless about training any kind of puppy.. However, my wife Laura and I followed the advice of a Pitbull handler, and followed these training tips.

Pitbulls, in general, have TONS of energy! Consequently, it is important that they get plenty of exercise. Make sure that before you bring a Pitbull into your life, pitbull a venda that you are able to provide adequate channels for your puppy to release energy. It is sad to see Pitbull owners who keep their puppies tied up or in a confined area. It is very difficult for Pitbull puppy training to be successful with a hyperactive dog.

In fact, whenever it is possible, obtaining a 2nd puppy can accomplish two important objectives. The 2nd puppy can provide a playmate for your Pitbull, which will allow your puppy an outlet for energy. Also, interacting with another dog is a great way for your Pitbull puppy to get used to being around other dogs.

Pitbulls have the reputation for being aggressive toward other dogs. Consequently, your Pitbull puppy training should include introducing your puppy to other dogs at a very early age. Allowing your puppy to be around small children is good training as well. Introducing them to as many new social situations as possible is a great way create a “sociable” pitbull!

Pitbulls are quite intelligent, and training can begin at a very young age. Generally speaking, one word commands such as “down” and “No”, can begin as early as 9-10 weeks. Each family member should be consistent in training Pitbull puppies.

As your dog’s attention span increases, more advanced training can begin. When the more advanced training begins, one family member at a time should initiate the training sessions. They should be no more than 10-12 minutes.

At first, Pitbull puppy training was a nightmare with Rocco. Laura and I had waited until he was almost an adult to start. At that point, he was stubborn and “set in his ways. We almost had to put him up for adoption.

A blue pitbull can be extremely hard to locate because they are very rare and in high demand so its not a common thing to find one. Most pitbull breeders, if they have a blue pedigree will constantly try to breed them to produce more but there is no guaranteed equation to make a blue pitbull. The breeders try to have them but due to these reasons it is sometimes a lengthy wait to acquire this rare pet. The general rule of thumb in trying to find a blue pitbull is to put your name on a waiting list and then once they become available you can go and have your pick of the litter.

For a price. Blue pitbulls are extremely expensive and depending on how many dogs were in the litter, and what order of litter picking you are, the price can be even more inflated for first choice, second choice and so on. Blue pitbulls can be upwards of two thousand dollars and usually a down payment is required much like buying a house.

The rise in popularity of blue pitbulls has been on the rise the past decade with the ever-increasing interest in the dogs themselves. The interest is spawned from the media coverage that a pitbull gets when it attacks someone however; this fact is pretty uncommon also. It’s hard to say how many people are attacked by pitbulls in a year because many are owners attacked and go largely unreported however, on average in the United States there are only a reported 3-4 cases a year. There is no reason to speculate on why or try to understand why these things happen but blue pitbulls haven’t been an issue, yet.

What is a Blue Pitbull?

A blue pitbull is a pitbull is interbred with another species of pitbull to achieve the desired effects such as a blue pitbull. In Ireland many hundreds of years ago, the breeders wouldn’t allow this practice to happen because they kept pedigrees a secret and it was thought of as a highly protected secret. This ties in to blue pitbulls because when the gene pool is relatively small it can increase recessive traits such as blue pitbulls. The blue pitbull is just a dilution of black that looks blue to the human eye and the regular pitbull started getting variety called the blue pitbull. Its imperative to realize having said this that sometimes breeding these dogs to one another for too many generations can cause unknown and known problems and perhaps this is the case of excessive aggression displayed in some blue pitbulls.


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