How to Decrease the Volume of a PC Game With Loudness Control Cap

Just recently me and a couple of friends started to play some Codemasters racing games and since we use Teamspeak to communicate, we usually decrease the volume of a game to hear each other better. So far this has never been a problem, until we discovered and tried out different racing games of Codemasters. Don’t ask me why they did that, but games like Grid 2 or F1 2016 have the minimum volume capped at 50%. In other words, you can’t decrease the volume in the game settings, you can’t push it below 50%. If you might have noticed the same and if it annoys you, don’t worry because there is another solution.

I can’t speak for older operating systems, but Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 allow you to decrease the volume of different programs you are running, and this includes games that you run at the moment. This is something that I never noticed but something that a friend found out and I thought it would make a good quick tip guide on my blog. So, if you play a game that doesn’t allow you to decrease the volume further than 50%, the following will be quite interesting for you. You can actually decrease the volume of individual programs in the Windows mixer…

Windows Sound Mixer Screenshot

I am German, which is why some things in the screenshot above are in the German, but the screenshot shows that I can individually change the volume of the programs I am running. Since F1 2016 was way too loud, I decreased the volume in the game but went further down with the Windows sound mixer to get to an acceptable level of volume. Just in case you don’t know how to open the Windows sound mixer, here is how you do it…

  1. Minimize the game if it’s still running.
  2. Check the system tray in your Windows taskbar and look for the speaker symbol.
  3. Click on the speaker symbol and then click on the “Mixer” link below the volume control.
  4. Done! You should now see the advanced mixer with a volume control for all the tools you are running right now, just change the games volume now!

I hope this quick tip was useful. If you think the guide helped you, make sure to share it within your circles, because that would help me too. Also if you have interesting information’s to add or if you want to discuss something related, check out the comment section below and drop a comment. Have a nice day!

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