Blizzard Has No Plans for Hearthstone on the Switch

Dean Ayala, a game designer for Hearthstone stated in an interview with that Blizzard is not working on a Switch port for the popular digital trading card game.

In an interview with PowerUp! Gaming, which was initially about the game’s recent Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, PowerUp! asked, “There are rumors that Hearthstone‘s going to make its way around to Nintendo Switch. Is there anything you can tell me about that?” Ayala’s response was simply, “There are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch.” While this could mean he couldn’t announce anything or provide any details, it is more likely that the port isn’t happening.

The rumor in question was started due to a leak by Reddit user Dasvergeben in the tail end of 2017. The leak seemed credible enough, as Dasvergeben had also leaked information that ended up being true about a few other big titles, including Injustice 2 and Metroid Prime 4. A port also made sense to some, as the Switch could basically function like a tablet while in its portable mode, and Hearthstone has had success on mobile platforms for both iOS and Android devices.

Also in 2017, another designer for Hearthstone, Mike Donais, said a Switch port of the game was a “discussion worth having.” Donais noted how the game is already available for mobile platforms and agreed that the Switch’s successful launch may sway Blizzard into a port. It is worth mentioning that he is a gameplay designer who primarily focuses on card design and isn’t involved in business decisions, such as what platforms Hearthstone will get ported to in the future.


There are several factors that could be influencing Blizzard’s decision not to port the title over. While the Switch is able to switch to a portable mode and use touch screen functionality, the console may not have frequent enough access to WiFi connections. As many fans know, Hearthstone is an online only title that requires a constant internet connection to play, even in solo modes.

When the Switch is docked, the opposite problem presents itself. The console is more likely to be connected to a network, but would require using a standard Joy-Con controller to play games. Many have speculated the reason Hearthstone hasn’t made it to other home consoles, like the PS4 or Xbox One is due to the fact the game is optimized for mouse or touch screen control, not standard controllers.

While fans my not be happy to hear that there are no current plans to port Hearthstone to the Switch at this time, there may still be a chance it could be in the future. Other digital card games, like Gwent, have attempted to make the leap to home consoles with varying success, so Blizzard may try to port it later on.

Hearthstone is currently available for Android and iOS devices, Mac, and PC.

Source: PowerUp! Gaming

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